About the Author

My name is Ekua, and I am a writer and teacher who believes that travel provides the ultimate hands-on education. I gravitate toward places that push the boundaries of my comfort zone, and I embrace the thrill making the unknown known. I have had the opportunity to explore a variety of countries on six continents, often solo and on a budget.

I am originally from California, and currently live in Hawaii. I am the daughter of immigrants from Ghana. As someone from more than one culture and as an avid traveler who has also lived and taught in highly popular tourist destinations, I see travel from multiple angles. I revel in the innate excitement of exploration while maintaining a keen understanding that everyday life, with all of its ranges, is happening for people who live in the places we visit.

This understanding guides the way I travel and the way I write about it. I believe in exploring the world with eyes wide open. I believe in writing about the world with honesty and thoughtfulness. I believe in the power of telling untold stories about the world.

What’s in a name?

Through Fog & Light is an homage to home

While I consider myself to be from many places, the Bay Area is my home base, and the San Francisco fog glowing in the light of dawn or dusk has often been the gateway to my travels. Most of my big trips have begun and ended at the San Francisco International Airport, often piercing through a layer fog covering the city to fly off to a new destination or return home from a trip. The essence of this is captured in Fog and Light.

Through Fog & Light is about welcoming the unknowns, revelations, and everything in between while traveling.

This is not a site about traveling as a vacation, it is about traveling as an education. It’s about stepping into the fog of new places and experiences and boldly lighting your way through. It’s about seeking adventures locally and globally that shed light on the world in unexpected ways. At times, illumination and learning may come from an “a-ha!” moment. At other times, it comes more slowly and subtly over time. Sometimes illumination comes from experiencing the humbling and grand feeling of learning how much more there is to know. This site is about embracing all aspects of travel and the questions, contradictions, truth, and beauty that can be found at the metaphorical intersection of fog and light.


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